VOXUNIT and CONTEMPL8 T-SHIRTS join forces and donate their skills to the Occupy/99% movement.

GIVE A TEE, get it back PRINTED with a feisty design
see it on http://www.voxunit.com

W H A T ?
– tee, sweat shirts, hoodies (back), …
– cotton ( or at least 50% cotton )
– clean and unwrinkled
– dark or bright colors ( no white or pastel colors )
– don’t pick your all time favorite shirt: since it cannot be tested first, there’s alway a tiny risks printing does not go perfect.
– /!\ staple a piece of strong paper on the sleeve with your contact information ( name, email & phone number )

W H E N ?
– all apparels have to be in before Monday night.

W H E R E ?
you can drop your apparels
– at Contempl8 ( 4302 Nicollet Ave. South, Mpls. Sunday 11 am to ±1pm, Monday 12pm to 5pm )
– at the People’s Plaza Sunday at 4pm ONLY IF you contact me to confirm you’ll be there.
– contact-us to arrange another time/place, when possible
– at our place (contact us for details)


========== about ==========

Local, wind powered & eco-friendly ink screen printing.
Web: http://www.contempl8.net/
Like: http://www.facebook.com/CONTEMPL8

Free propaganda for social justice, tiger blood fueled!
Web: http://www.voxunit.com
Like: http://www.facebook.com/voxunit

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