cause: Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize recipients Obama and European Union meeting in Brussels on March 26th, 2014.

organizations: Vrede , CNAPD, intal

Les prix Nobel de “la paix” se rencontrent
De Nobelprijzen voor de “Vrede” ontmoeten elkaar

› Facebook profile picture (above)
› Facebook cover picture, in English, français & Nederlands (bellow)
› A3 poster in English [ download .PDF ]
› A3 poster en français [ download .PDF ]
› A3 poster in het Nederlands [ download .PDF ]  

fonts:  Pluto Black & Metronic Slab

Nobel_Peace-M26-cover-EN-voxunit-VXU1 Nobel_Peace-M26-cover-FR-voxunit-VXU1 Nobel_Peace-M26-cover-NL-voxunit-VXU1

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