cause: some background in English: Belgian government hit by ‘nazi sympathiser’ scandals

event page: on Facebook

poster A2, PDF ( 40 x 60 cm )
poster A3, PDF
poster A4, PDF
flyers A5, PDF  ( 2 flyers on A4, margins included › print at 100% )
flyers A6, PDF ( 4 flyers on A4, margins included › print at 100% )

social media profile picture (above)
Facebook cover pictures + ‘web poster’ (bellow)

fonts: custom + Kavoon Regular

TogetherForDignity-voxunit-Facebook-COVER-English-1 TogetherForDignity-voxunit-Facebook-COVER-Francais-1 TogetherForDignity-voxunit-Facebook-COVER-Nederlands-1

action pictures by Sarah Wagemans
(except last one, by Voxunit)
Sarah Wagemans _ fcbk 1555275_10153961057352837_8477174838052786840_n
Sarah Wagemans _ fcbk 1779854_10153961070117837_7317810406881996776_n
Sarah Wagemans _ fcbk 10369212_10153960959167837_5474742766521433635_n
Sarah Wagemans _ fcbk 10387202_10153961021487837_8326332317909467026_n
Sarah Wagemans _ fcbk 10439044_10153961071257837_6140565722095287291_n
Sarah Wagemans _ fcbk 10805561_10153960871077837_9197664155405752852_n Sarah Wagemans _ fcbk 10850213_10153961057147837_556627023604412803_n  Together_For_Dignity_Voxunit-1769

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